Immersive experience development
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Collider Visuals

Immersive Experiences

VR/AR Architecture

The ultimate AEC sales tool. Explore, customize, and interact with great architectural designs.

Product customization

Try before you buy in virtual environments designed around engagement and high conversion rates.

Virtual Production

Mixing live footage and computer graphics for real-time VFX and animation. Live awesomeness!

Immersive training

Optimizing enterprise training in every way. Immersive gamified training is easier, safer, cheaper, and fun!

VR/AR experts skilled in designing visual strategies for your goals.

Collider Visuals is a CG production studio specialized in the design and development of immersive applications and virtual production. Our team’s vast experience in architecture and visual communication is what enables us to deliver performance. We love what we do, so we always put in a lot of passion and hard work.

Use cases

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AEC / Real Estate

Whether in the concept phase or in its final design, The way you communicate your vision makes all the difference. Your project needs to be experienced at it’s maximum potential.


  • fast reviews and iterations
  • photo-realistic graphics
  • interactive elements (materials, objects, lighting, weather, etc.)
  • multi – user experience
  • no mock-up costs



  • interactive VR/AR navigations
  • photo-realistic animations
  • (360) photo-realistic renderings
  • lighting studies
  • concept visuals
  • facility management training simulations.

As we gradually moved from traditional retail to online stores , so will we make our way to the virtual markets, the next logical step in the shopping experience.


  • brand booster
  • deeper interactive engagement
  • increased client retention and loyalty
  • gamification
  • data mining



  • Virtual marketplaces
  • product activation experiences
  • product configurators
  • client gaze (eye tracking) simulations.
  • data sets

Digital environments have made the traditional production workflow obsolete in many cases, as virtual production eliminates the need for location scouting, prop building, and brings total control through real-time VFX.


  • fast iterative production process
  • real-time in camera results
  • creative control and freedom
  • photo-realistic graphics
  • budget friendly
  • location independent



  • virtual photo-realistic movie sets
  • real-time compositing and shooting
  • live virtual events

Immersive tools for automotive design can be employed from the very start of development for internal use, while visualization and configurator apps will boost sales as users have broader access to experience and interact with the product.


  • sales boost and global reach
  • creative freedom compared to real showrooms
  • gamified photo-realistic experiences
  • interactive elements (paint colors, upholstery, rims, car features, environment, etc.)



  • interactive VR/AR configurator apps
  • virtual showroom apps
  • photo-realistic animations and images
  • concept art
  • automotive games
  • 360 interior / exterior tours
  • virtual training apps

HR departments can use virtual training apps to better prepare employees for specific tasks, for safety procedures and other operations. But we all need a break now and then; VR gaming is one of the greatest team building activities out there.


  • guided virtual training, gamified
  • lower costs, scalable, global reach
  • usage patterns and data mining
  • photo-realistic graphics
  • multi – user experiences
  • remote global management interface for local apps




  • virtual training and safety apps
  • performance tracking and report generation
  • team-building games and event planning
  • data sets

Never underestimate how much a bit of joy can improve your life. Some of us go to live events. Some of us play for the challenge, some for the story , others for pure fun. Whichever side you’re on, we’re confident you will enjoy the games and live events we develop.


  • multi-platform
  • photo-realistic graphics
  • intricate game design
  • innovative play mechanics (metaplay)
  • real-time compositing for live virtual events




  • traditional game apps (all platforms)
  • location based VR/AR games
  • escape games
  • story driven experiences
  • live events – virtual production

Attention spans are shrinking by the minute, and the only way for teachers and educators to keep up is by making learning more fun and engaging. Gamification (the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts) is the most powerful tool we can use for this purpose.


  • high engagement
  • photo-realistic graphics
  • multi – user experiences, competitive learning
  • performance tracking



  • educational gamified apps or games
  • immersive VR/AR courses / training

How about a virtual tour to Maui? Or the tropical forest of Puerto Rico? Maybe the emerald lagoons of French Polynesia.  Why not check out that hotel you spotted and amenities before you pick your next destination?


  • premium scalable presentations
  • engaging interactive guides
  • gamification for higher brand loyalty



  • animations and renderings
  • 360 virtual tours
  • immersive VR walkthrough
  • guides, amenities and activity planning apps
  • interactive maps

We’ve come a long way since those first cave paintings. Art has become fully immersive and complete. Yet there’s so much more to discover and experiment with, and that’s exactly what we love doing.


  • complete experiences (control over art + context)
  • photo-realistic graphics
  • custom galleries
  • new forms of artistic expression
  • VR brings greater emotional impact
  • multi – user / social experiences




  • artistic renderings and animations
  • digital or hand-drawn concept art
  • 3D art / modelling
  • AR apps for augmented art
  • virtual galleries (VR / non VR)
  • 360 art gallery tours

Technology drives innovation, and innovation saves lives. It is important to communicate the potential of new products and procedures properly.


  • cost effective, risk free training
  • interactive product feature showcase
  • photo-realistic graphics
  • VR simulations and treatments



  • VR/AR visualization and training apps
  • product / process / procedure animations / renders
  • live event streaming
  • phobia treatment apps

We love technology and building the future, but it is important to know we got here. What better way to honor our heritage than making sure future generations are able to explore it through immersive experiences and animations?


  • virtual reconstructions (object+ context)
  • very accurate object/landmark depiction
  • engaging visual storytelling
  • scalable, global reach
  • photo-realistic graphics



  • VR / AR historic reconstructions
  • 3D scans and photogrammetry
  • interactive historic site maps
  • Virtual guides
  • 360 landmark tours
Law Enforcement

Real-time simulations of combat scenarios can provide the virtual testing grounds for new law enforcemet technologies. We can help minimize the risks associated with real world testing by developing safe and accurate simulations.


  • photo-realistic, accurate simulations
  • user performance tracking
  • iterative development
  • risk free
  • low cost compared to real world testing
  • scalable, global reach



  • immersive training and simulation apps
  • product visualization (animations / renders)


Our typical workflow

Defining goals

We build all experiences around specific goals, as we want our immersive apps to perform, not just look great. We then estimate the development time and price.

Budget + timeline proposal

Once the goals are established, we then proceed to propose the solutions that best serve those goals. We then help you pick the best solution and it's subsequent budget and timeline.

Contract sign off

All the details, like project features and stages, are set in a brief and agreed upon. We then schedule the project and write the contract.

Team schedule, project kickoff

Project tasks are scheduled and roles are assigned. The magic begins.

Stage completed, review

After the first stage is done, a review should keep the project going the right way. We implement any changes and iterate as needed.

Final project delivered

After the final testing and review we add any finishing touches and voila! You have been immersed!

Let’s talk!