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Large Scale Projects

Real Estate Developers

All info in one app
Projects are getting larger and more complex. VR opens up new possibilities, while renderings and animations don’t manage to convey large amounts of information simultaneously, like an interactive VR app can. The entire visualization of a large project can be packed into a single app.
Also great for funding projects.

Highly modular development
Even after project completion and delivery, a project can be extended to accommodate new on-site developments and modifications and info boards.
Focused user experience

Focused user experience
Apps are built around the core product, so that they best serve the product, not the other way around. This is important, because we want to keep the users focused, not to get them distracted.

Sales Agents

One step ahead
When used to its full potential, VR will lead to high – performance selling and a significant competitive edge

Very convincing pitching method
3D environments experienced in VR have a much higher emotional impact on the user than traditional visualization tools.

All info on hand – the apps we develop feature a complete set of visualization tools, covering all aspects of the project, like detailed product info, 360 photos/renderings, animations, first-person navigation, etc., all packaged into a single experience.

Greater reach
Apps can be downloaded from anywhere, enabling sales agents to sell where face – to – face is not possible.

Since VR can accurately emulate reality, the sales pitch can start whether the building / product is complete or in development.


Design process integration
VR design iterations make the design process much more user – oriented, and places the client and the architect inside the project. Conceptual VR can be integrated in the design process for a fast, seamless design experience.

Remote feedback
Clients can download and test the app at home, which saves time and may replace feedback sessions.

Fast updates
Unlike renderings and animations, a VR project can easily be modified and makes the final design stages less of a headache when clients change their mind.

All in one visualization app
Architectural visualization apps can feature integrated traditional visualization methods to complement the main app.

Great tool for pitching investors and developers. Presentations can be built to highlight the main features of your project.


Go VR !
VR is quickly becoming the go-to solution for standing out from the crowd. Interactive experiences give you a greater freedom of expression for your next big idea. Be quick to adopt VR and you will open up a lot of possibilities !

Experienced team
Great concepts require a great production team to create unique, amazing results. That’s us !


Product Visualization


Our apps provide photorealistic real-time rendering for your products, with customized interaction and info modules. This makes your products feel real in the viewer’s hands.

Global reach through online distribution
All you have to do is spread the word.

Showcase your designs using inv., our custom visualization / shop platform targeted at designers and retailers. Within the inv. App, viewers can manipulate products by simply looking at them, share products on social networks, rate them, and more. The platform can be customized based on your branding manual. See a preview of the app here.