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Hello !

About Us



Collider Visuals is a CG production studio based in Europe, founded by Tudor Gheorghe, an architect with a passion for CGI, VR and innovation.
The Collider Visuals team is specialized in the production of VR apps and real-time product and architectural visualization.
Our architecture background and experience in CG production enabled us to develop a highly-efficient workflow and our own scalable product visualization platform.

Europe Headquarters

str. Liviu Rebreanu, nr. 6, Bl. B1, sc. 8, ap. 310
Bucharest, Sector 3

Business Development

Our business developers in Europe (Germany, France,
Austria, Romania – HQ) can provide info and
support when a local presence is needed.
Also, we are always looking for new collaborators
to extend our reach.


Project Inquries


Tech Team